About Massam Decor

It all began in 2018 in the South Shore of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) with a local family-owned online decor store which quickly evolved into an Amazon Exclusive store shipping to Amazon customers everywhere in the world.

We believe that our environment has a profound impact on our overall well-being.

One way we find to cheer up any space (home, office…) is to fill it with decor and accessories that make us happy. We have to live in our home; we work in our office; we work, create and make a living in our business space whether it is a shop, a salon …; we should love every item in each of them. We’re more likely to enjoy our decoration if our spaces are filled with colors, shapes, and textures that we cherish, and that make us feel our best anytime we see them, feel them, and touch them. 
We are offering you tools to make your spaces truly yours so that you get inspired, boost your mood, and get the best out of them every single day.